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The Arcade Warrior Mask

Want to go back to the arcade in style? The NEW Arcade Warrior cloth face mask is now in stock! This limited edition item will come in handy literally anywhere since most places still require face coverings. If you're going to wear something on your face, you might as well rock a cool design!

"This cloth face mask is super comfortable, which is why I wear it when I'm out filming videos at arcades. I want a comfortable experience, especially since some masks are uncomfortable. The Arcade Warrior mask is super light, breathable and quality, especially for the super low price."

This item will only be available for limited time, so you should get one before they're gone or unavailable!

Masks start at $12.99 and you can choose from 8 different colors! Also $1 from every order will go towards meals for children in need.

Once again, thanks for your support. Every order on the website helps fund more videos out and about at the arcade.

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