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What's up! My name is Erik Kane, but on the internet I'm known as the Arcade Warrior. Back in 2013 I decided to start a YouTube channel. I've been passionate about arcades my entire life. Growing up my parents had a video camcorder and I always loved being on camera as well as behind it. As I got older I filmed a lot of things and made my own little movies. One day I picked up the camera and started a YouTube channel dedicated to filming my arcade adventures all over the United States and even some places in Canada. I'm the original Arcade YouTuber and started the "arcade genre" on YouTube. I also share videos on claw machines, carnival games, mini golf courses and other amusement attractions. 8 years later I'm still going strong. My channel now has over 1.7 million total subscribers, and I continue to upload videos weekly. I've also built a community online through my videos, and now my live streams that I do over on Twitch. Nobody beats the Warrior family, we're the best on the entire internet!

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